Bikes, Blues & BBQ

where motorcyclist meet I’m a bit of a foodie. Not your fine dining, gourmet, sit down, white tablecloth kind, but more of a bike rally, outdoor bbq pit, long bench, paper napkin, finger licking type of foodie. One of my favorite things on the weekends to do, is to arrange a ride to a nearby, or sometimes a ways away dealership that is having a cook out for it’s customers, members, families and friends.

My local dealership, San Diego Harley Davidson has a BBQ every Saturday from Noon to 1.30 pm. Sometimes it’s just basic burgers and hot dogs and sometimes it’s a major event with a band and smoked tri-tip and delicious baked beans. I know that if I’m ever bored on a Saturday, I can just hop onto my hog at lunchtime and I will meet fellow riders, ready to hit the road north south east or west for the afternoon. Not before we’ve had a wholesome good old American feast. Of course!

With this in mind, I have done motorcycle road trips, taken vacations and attended events, specifically to taste the different culinary delights that the biker world has on offer. One of my favorite events to attend is the BBB (Bikes, Blues & BBQ) in Fayetteville AR. This is an annual event that I have attended a couple of times. It’s a weekend long event that includes a fantastic BBQ event and competition. The best-smoked brisket I have ever tasted was from here. It basically melted in your mouth. The trip here for the food would have been enough, but riding through the Ozarks is an experience not to be laughed at. There is a multitude of great bike roads in the Ozarks region. No matter which direction you travel, you’ll find winding blue highways through spectacular scenery. Rivers, lakes, bluffs, picturesque towns, and not much in the way of straight roads. Everywhere you go, you’ll meet the friendliest people in the world, eat the best food in the world, love the rides, and have one of the best times of your life.

It’s obvious that I’m not the only biker that loves BBQ. In North Carolina and South Carolina, there’s a franchise called Mac’s Speed Shop. The theme is based around a bike repair shop, but they serve up some killer smoked North Carolina ribs. Every night is like a biker’s rally at these locations, with bands, dance competitions and of course awesome ribs, pork and brisket. They have their own special spice rub, that I have brought home to use when I BBQ. These guys know how to do it.

Another one of my local favorites is Bartel’s Harley Davidson up in Los Angeles. This is the place to go for star sightings and spectacular motorcycles. Hollywood regulars love this place. This dealership customize bikes to the starlets every desire. It’s almost as if money was no object. But the real reason I head up there is for the annual chili cook off event that I haven’t missed in the last six years. Once again, the Hollywood elite, rub elbows with the regular bikers, share recipes and have the fun of a bike rally, just minutes from the famed Venice boardwalk. I love a good spicy chili and believe me you can experience the best of the best over here. In true Los Angeles fashion, everything is over the top and it’s not surprising for Slash from Gun’s and Roses to suddenly hop up on stage and play on a song or for George Clooney to be walking around tasting the chili.

These are just a few of the places I have attended over the years. My love for food and bikes has taken me to places I never thought I would see in my life. Obviously the local places are easy to get to and are just a days ride away. You can make the decision to head to one on the spur of the moment while the places further away, take a lot more planning and time. If I have an extended time off, I love to make a road trip out of it, but other times I have to use a motorcycle shipping company to get my bike out there, so I can meet it and join up with the other revelers. Either way, I have found a passion that excites, stimulates and motivates me.

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