The Price you are quoted is the price you pay!

moto quoteWell kind of, sort of, mostly, generally and on certain or unique occasions. Don’t you hate it when motorcycle shipping companies provide you with low-ball prices and then have fees and surcharges that they add to the rate.  The price you are quoted should be the price you pay. That is why you have asked for a quote in the first place!

So what is added to the initial quote that gives you buyer’s remorse? The favorite add on for motorcycle shipping companies is a fuel surcharge. Many motorcycle shipping companies determined their base prices at the prevailing fuel rates that existed when my parents were children. They have not adjusted these rates in decades and so the base shipping rate quoted to me looks acceptable until the 30% fuel surcharge is added.

Another favorite add on is a surcharge for residential pick-up or delivery. That’s normally another $30 – $50. Why charge for a residential pick-up or delivery? Why offer door-to-door shipping yet quote a base price that does not cover the costs of door-to-door service. Frustrating!

Then there is a fee for skidding, strapping and packaging. Apparently these low ball companies expect the shipper to have the motorcycle crated prior to shipment. That may work for a dealership but that is not very convenient for a weekend warrior such as myself. One company even offers to mail you a self assembling skid prior to the truck’s arrival. Seriously?

One company even had the audacity to offer me an expedite fee. For an extra $150 they would expedite my shipment. So the low ball base rate only provides snail mail shipping? They will load, transport and offload on a space available basis.

So what extra fees are acceptable? The only addon I can understand is a convenience fee charged for using a credit card as a form of payment. Banks charge the merchant a processing fee, normally around 3% of the transaction and shipping companies usually do not have sufficient margin to absorb this cost. So what, I can pay by cash, bank transfer, direct deposit or mail in a check to ensure I get the lowest discounted rate.

Choosing a motorcycle shipping company equates to trusting others with your assets. If the motorcycle shipping company is not upfront with their pricing, how can you trust them with your motorcycle?

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