5 Tips on Choosing Motorcycle Shipping Companies

the top 5 tips

This first ingredient to any successful motorcycle shipping business is the need for the company’s ownership to be motorcycle enthusiasts. What is the point of entrusting the care of your motorcycle with a company that is run by accountants and lawyers? The owners need to have everything “motorcycles” running through their blood.

The second ingredient to a successful motorcycle shipping business is the company’s staff. The people that actually answer the phone when you call or the drivers that

load, transport and deliver your motorcycles need to understand

everything about motorcycles. Most of them should have their own bikes and understand the amount of care required to handle your motorcycle.

The third ingredient is infrastructure to a successful motorcycle shipping business. Scale is required to provide a relevant shipping service in North America. The shipping company should have representation in at least 30 of the largest cities in the USA and Canada and a fleet network large enough to service every corner of the USA and Canada.

The fourth ingredient is the quality of the equipment used to provide the motorcycle shipping service. You need to trust your motorcycle with a company that has modern equipment. Gone are the days when Bubba would roll up with a chicken truck to load your motorcycle. The trucks need to be DOT compliant and the trailers need to be stat of the art. A hydraulic lift gate is essential for residential shipments. The trailers also need to be equipped with air-ride suspensions and temperature controlled compartments would help in the winter. Then the skids and soft ties used to secure your motorcycle need to be modern and relevant to the motorcycle model you are shipping.

The fifth ingredient to a successful motorcycle shipping business is technology. The company needs to have a web-site that provides instant shipping quotes and facilitates the on-line booking and payment function. In addition, the company needs to provide on-line real-time tracking of your motorcycle. There should no longer be a need to call Bubba’s mamma to find out where your motorcycle is. Alls trucks should be equipped with GPS.

The last and final ingredient to a successful motorcycle shipping experience is care. The company should consider every client important, whether you are a major manufacturer or a residential client shipping your first motorcycle. The company should display this care by following up on your shipment to access their performance and take your comments and feed back seriously.

AA Motorcycle Transport ticks all these boxes. We know what it takes to be the largest motorcycle shipping company and we look forward to servicing your motorcycle shipping requirements.

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