Why Motorcycle Shipping is a PASSION?

You have an array of choices when it comes to choosing a shipper to ship your motorcycle. There are established firms, older firms, newer operators and fly by night companies but very few motorcycle shipping companies will do the job the right way. For us, motorcycle shipping is a PASSION.

PASSION is the acronym that guides the folks at 1AA Motorcycle Transport. Their employees are conscious to display their PASSION when taking on your motorcycle shipment.

P is for Price. 1AA Motorcycle Transport is very conscious of the prevailing shipping market prices and strives to provide their clients with the most competitive pricing. They use their large network and high shipping volumes to fill trucks and pass on the cost savings to their clients.

A is for Accuracy. Accuracy is required in quoting, contracting, loading, transporting, offloading and inventorying the condition of motorcycles. 1AA Motorcycle Transport’s employees consider themselves as professionals and act professionally when handling client’s interests.

S is for Speed. What is the point receiving a low shipping price when the transit period takes far too long? 1AA Motorcycle Transport focuses on quick pick-ups, and quick transit periods to provide deliveries within 10-14 days for over 98% of their shipments. Given the size of this great country, that is quite an achievement.

S is for Strapping. 1AA Motorcycle Transport uses the most modern strapping and tie down equipment to ensure your motorcycle arrives in the condition it was loaded.

I is for Ingenuity. Our shipping method is ingenious. We ship door-to-door on specialized skids, ingeniously designed to ensure the minimal handling of your motorcycle during transportation. We are so confident in our shipping method that we do not take the keys for the motorcycle. We do not need to start or ride your motorcycle during transportation!

O is for On-Time. We closely monitor our shipments to ensure that we achieve the highest possible levels of on-time pickups and on-time deliveries. Currently we are running at 98% for on-time shipments, which is better than any airline yet we continue to strive for the elusive 100%!

N is for No Complaints. 1AA Motorcycle Transport is very conscious of our customers opinions and we know that the best form of marketing is the positive feedback provided by a satisfied client. We utilize a third party company to gauge the feedback from our clients and we are proud to share this feedback with you. Motorcycle Shipping Reviews.

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