best motorcycle destinations

The World’s Best Motorcycle Destinations

The World’s Best Motorcycle Destinations

Should the motorcycling spirit lead you to some distant part of the globe, which place would be best for you to take your bike on the adventure of a lifetime? Although the United States has, without doubt, some of the most spectacular views that can be found in the world, it does not, in actual fact, hold a monopoly in this regard. The following are some of the best motorcycling friendly countries that you can visit when the adventurous spirit hits you;

  1. South Africa

Should the motorcycling bug take you to Africa, then South Africa should, without doubt, be your first port of call on the continent. Not only does it have first world amenities, but it also boasts of having one of the best climates in the world. As far as the scenery is concerned, South Africa is definitely second to none. From the scenic Drakensburg Mountains to Cape town, this is a place that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

The Garden Route

The Garden Route stretches between Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth and is one of the best place on which you can ride your motorcycle today. The name is not without reason; imagine a place where you can cruise along at a leisurely pace, with for ests, rivers and mountains to the north and the sandy beaches to the South.

The Garden Route in South Africa

The journey, which passes through George and Plettenberg Bay, covers around 192 km of beachfront scenery and beauty. This, definitely is one of the best motorcycling routes that can be found out there. Feeling particularly adventurous? Why not try this 14 day Johannesburg to Cape Town tour?

  1. Australia

So, were you to find yourself down under, which motorcycle routes would be the best for you in the country? Like South Africa, Australia boasts of breathtaking scenery and a temperate climate. It is, therefore, a paradise for motorcycling enthusiasts, with some roads taking you from one end of the country to the other.

A Trip from Darwin to Adelaide

This route cuts right through the heart of Australia, from Darwin in the North to Adelaide in the South. The views along the way are spectacular, and reflective of Australia’s climate, which can basically be divided into two; the rather warm northern half and the temperate Southern part.

A bike trip across Australia

What this means for the intrepid biker is that there is actually need to plan carefully for this journey. Northern Australia can become too hot and, depending on the time, is prone to cyclones. While, no doubt, this will increase the adventure for some, you do need to make sure, depending on the time of the year, that you are adequately prepared for the temperature extremes. Depending on your pace, the journey could take you over 33 hours on the Stuart Highway.

  1. United Kingdom

Although the United Kingdom is not generally known for being sunny, it does contain a number of great motorcycling routes for the adventurous. So, where do you go for your biking adventure in the United Kingdom?

The Cat and Fiddle Road

This, without doubt, is one of the most spectacular roads anywhere in the world. The Cat and Fiddle road links Buxton in Derbyshire and Macclesfield in Cheshire. This drive is famous the world over for its scenic views. A word of warning, however; the Cat and Fiddle Road is also classed as one of the most dangerous routes in the United Kingdom. That’s thrilling, right?

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