Dressing for a Motorcycle Ride during Summertime

Riding a motorcycle requires specific clothing and equipment be worn for safety and comfort – more so than any other vehicle. However, the clothing and equipment are not always practical, comfortable, or applicable for all seasons of the year. It is important that riders own various pieces for varying temperatures and locales. Below are some recommendations for dressing for a motorcycle ride during summertime.


Open-faced helmets are the most popular choice to wear for the hot months. Increased airflow keeps your face and head cooler, however it provides less protection than closed-faced helmets. Make sure you are wearing sufficient eye protection, and even a bandana if you are riding in dusty areas. Certain open-faced helmets also have vents for maximum airflow. Just don’t expect your hair to look fantastic when that helmet comes off.


A staple for all motorcycle riders, jackets provide necessary protection, but they do not generally have great airflow (especially the thicker leather jackets). For summertime, try purchasing mesh jackets, or those that have specially made slits or vents. We do not advise that you try riding in t-shirts, as there is no protection in the event of an accident.


Most of the pants that the average motorcycle rider wears offer little to no protection. Just like the jackets mentioned above, we recommend specially made motorcycle pants that simultaneously offer extra protection (over jeans or trousers), but also have vents for maximizing airflow.

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Gloves and Elbow pads 

Thin leather or nylon gloves with slits will serve a rider better in hot weather than the average thick gloves – same goes for elbow pads. Trial and error with various materials at the gear shop will help.

The key with all of the different types of equipment/clothing is finding the balance between comfort and safety. Safety is always paramount, but riding while uncomfortable can ruin the whole experience. Do your research online, ask on forums, find what keeps you cool/safe, and enjoy your ride!

Those are the dressing recommendations for a motorcycle ride in summer. Don’t hesitate to talk to us for all your motorcycle shipping solutions.

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