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Five Ridiculously Expensive Motorcycles that are on the Market today

For most people, owning a motorcycle is all about the fun and the thrill that comes from cruising on the open highway, with the wind whistling not so softly across one’s body. There are also those who enjoy the freedom of zipping in and out of traffic, much to the anger of other motorists . That, in any case, is the normal state of things.

The Crazy

And then, there is the crazy. How about a bike that costs over a million dollars? Would you, even if you could afford it, dare ride one down the street? And would it be any different from other motorcycles that cost no more than a few thousand dollars? In any case, here is a look at some of the most expensive motorcycles that can be found out there.

  1. Ecosse ES1 Superbike

If you have $3.6 million dollars lying around somewhere, and if you are crazy enough, then the Ecosse ES1 Superbike will definitely capture your heart. This, without doubt, is one of the most expensive motorcycles that have ever been made. This bike, which was designed by Dick Glover, uses space age materials and is rather futuristic, both in design and in price.

If you are wondering what this crazy expensive bike looks like, feel free to check out the above video. We just hope that anyone who buys this bike never falls off it. As one person comments in the above video, for 3.6 million dollars, wouldn’t it be better to buy an entire bike dealership and get to ride all the bikes that are there?

  1. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

Trailing, at $1 million dollars each, far behind the Ecosse ES1 Superbike is the aptly named Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship. Aptly named, for the simple reason that, even that amount does feel, for a motorcycle, a bit out of this world. How many normal bikes would you, as an example, be able to buy for a million dollars?

But then, the Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship is not a normal bike. The “Million dollar Harley,” comes with paintwork by Jack Armstrong, the rather eccentric artist who is renowned for his signature “cosmic style painting.” It is custom build by Bartels and, hopefully, is guaranteed to make you feel like you are cruising along on a million dollars worth of machinery.

  1. Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike ($500 000)

So, what is it that makes a superbike a superbike? Well, you only have to look at the Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike to get a proper understanding of the definition. Although it is number 3 on our list of the most expensive motorcycles that can be found out there, the Tomahawk looks and feels a lot more muscular.

This mean piece of machinery comes with an 8.3L V10 engine that will get you a theoretical 500km/H. Theoretical, because, well, the Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike remains a concept creation, about which Dodge remains rather coy. The thing comes with a futuristic look and probably looks more million dollar that the other bikes that are on our list.

  1. Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX($300 000)

If you have never heard of the name Ecosse, then you are probably not alone. However, for those who can afford them, the Colorado based company is the go to place for motorcycles that offer and unparalleled level of precision.

The Titanium has a 2.4l engine and has a chassis and exhaust that are made of titanium. Selling at 300 000 dollars, the Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX takes opulence to another level and should be the go to bike for those that are willing to spend that much on a motorcycle.

  1. Confederate B120 Wraith

Although, at $92500, the Confederate B120 Wraith costs far less than the other rides on our list, the price is still hefty for a motorcycle. If you are seriously rich, and feel like getting a modernist look on your bike, the the Wrath is what you should go for. It is made using an aircraft grade aluminum frame and is, as far as price is concerned, not for the fainthearted.

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