Weirdest Motorcycles

These are the Weirdest Motorcycles that you will ever come across

Motorcycles, for one reason or the other, are rather prone to being modified in a seemingly endless number of ways. That, in any case, is what makes them so appealing to enthusiasts. A motorcycle can be an expression of individuality, the same of which cannot be said of other motorized forms of transport. However, some of the bikes that are floating around out there are extreme, to say the least. Here, in any case, are some of the weirdest motorcycles that you are likely to come across out there. And, a word of warning; some of them should veritably be rated PG!

Strange Motorbikes

The above clip from eBay shows some of the strangest motorbikes that you will ever come across out there. Okay, some of them are probably illegal in any country, but you do get the point.

  1. The Monowheels

The first strange category of motorcycle is the monowheel. Monowheels, as the name suggests, only have one wheel. They have, according to Wikipedia, apparently been around for a  while, though we admit to never having come across one on the road.

Some things are just meant for the showroom and for the occasional festival, right? A monowheel is pretty similar to a unicycle, save for the fact that the rider sits inside the wheel, as opposed to on top of the bike.

Monowheels are probably not the best when it comes to everyday transportation, but for the occasional show, they are absolutely the best.

  1. The longest motorcycle

From 14 seconds in the above video, you can see the longest motorcycle that you will probably ever come across. In fact, chances are high that you won’t come across that bike because, well, it’s hard to see anyone actually commuting on it.

As is the case with everything else strange, the motivation behind this long bike is rather hard to fathom. The bike actually needs be lifted by several people just to make a turn, which only goes to show that it’s probably nothing other than a novelty.

  1. The monster motorbike

If you think the above is impressive, then consider the monster motorbike from the 1:05 minutes mark in the above video. Again, this is another impressive creation that you are unlikely to ever come across on the street. And should you be unfortunate enough to stumble upon this massive piece of work, then you are probably better off fleeing for dear life.

The monster motorbike is 30 foot long and weighs 30 tons. Clearly, you don’t want to have that thing run over you. Otherwise they will be scrubbing you off the tarmac for days. The monster bike was created in Australia, which only goes to show that craziness exists all over the planet.

  1. The Steampunk Scooter

From the 2 minute mark, you will find the steampunk scooter. As you can hear from the commentary, this bike is a hybrid between a scooter and a submarine, which further confirms the widespread craziness that we have just been talking about.

The thing comes complete with a guitar fragment, a barometer and an amplifier. What more can we say about this motorcycle chimera, other than…. weird!

  1. Skyrider 1

This is another weird motorcycle that you are unlikely to ever come across on any street. The unique thing about this bike is that it represents craziness gone electric. It comes with two electric motors and a large propeller at the back. Propulsion is provided by two lithium ion batteries, giving it a range of up to 75 miles.

Okay, we do have to say that this bike is actually very innovative. Attach a parachute, and it flies, with the propeller going for 30 minutes without the bike needing a recharge.

  1. Warhorse

One thing is certain, the designers of all these bikes are rather creative, at least when it comes to giving their creations names. The warhorse is a monowheel, with the exception that unlike other timid bikes of its kind, the warhorse positively zips along. The bike actually hold a record, at 60 miles per hour, for this type of bike.

  1. Nightshadow’s maiden

What did we just say about the names that are given to these crazy looking bikes? The nightshadow’s maiden is another or the weird bikes that can be found out there. Beginning from the 5:04 point in the above click, you can see how the bike actually looks as if it’s about to leap right into your face. The nightshadow is unusual, to say the least. The distinctive thing about it is that it looks like the Jaguar logo.

There are other weird bikes in the clip above. Feel free to check them out and tell us what you think about them? Should any be allowed on the street? Or should they all be relegated to the showroom?

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