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Motorcycle Gear for Beginners

So, you have decided to take the leap and buy that motorcycle that you have always dream’t about; and against the better advise of those that surround you, but what gear to you need to get to go along with your ride. This article takes a look at the motorcycle gear that every biker should have, not only as a way of enhancing that baddy image, but for safety and comfort. Here is the best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners;

  1. A helmet

Chances are high that your motorcycle will come with a helmet. The thing to remember is that helmets play an important role in protecting a motorcyclist in the event of an accident. We have previously talked in depth about motorcycle safety on this blog.

In spite of the fact that people out there just love them, there is no escaping the fact that motorcycles tend to be some of the most dangerous motorized vehicles that you will ever come across on the roads. One of the reasons why this tends to be the case is that you do not have, when riding a bike, the kind of protection that one gets in a car.

That is the reason why it is so important for you to always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Research indicates that over 40% of the impacts that result from motorcycle accidents result in impacts around the face. You should, therefore make sure that you have an appropriate full face helmet when riding your bike.

Helmets are not designed to last forever, so you should take care to have your replaced once every five years or so.

  1. Jackets

Admittedly, most bikers do not really need convincing when it comes to this type of motorcycle gear. Motorcycle jackets are part of the culture of owning a bike, and if turning heads is one of your goals, then this is an area on which you can indulge.

Other than looking “cool,” the fact is that motorcycle jackets play the important role of protecting the other important parts of your body. This includes your back, your arms and all that internal stuff that keeps you ticking along at an even pace.

What most beginner bikers do not realize is that, other than being a fashion accessory, motorcycle jackets are actually specifically designed, which means you will not be able to get away with simply purchasing an ordinary leather jacket and passing it off as a motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle jackets can be made either of textile or of leather. Choosing the right type gives you the protection that you need from the elements, including the wind and rain.

  1. Pants

Pants are another important type of motorcycle gear that you will need to get as part of the process of getting set after the purchase of your bike. Admittedly, this is an area on which many people skimp. However, serious riders understand that ordinary pants are not going to be able to give you the protection that you need in the event of an accident.

You could probably get away with wearing jeans, if you can find ones that are comfortable enough for wearing while spending long periods on your bike. What you do not need is to get pants that rub you in the wrong places! There is something that can suck the adventure out of an adventure better than getting injured somewhere or the other from the constant rubbing of tough material on your body.

Motorcycle pants can be made of either of leather or textile and they should have armour for your hips, shins and knees.

  1. Boots

This is another important type of motorcycle gear that you need to get alongside your bike. Again, motorcycle boots tend to be a fashion statement and people do not really need that much convincing to get them to buy a pair.

However, other than the cowboy, badass looks, motorcycle boots play the important role of making sure that you remain on your bike in all types of conditions, including in rain and on oily surfaces. So, what qualities should you be on the lookout for in motorcycle boots?

  • They should be oil resistant
  • Rain resistance
  • Non slip
  • Sturdy
  • Good angle support

Some motorcycle boots come with steel plates through the sole and on the toes, which helps prevent injuries to these parts of your feet in the event of a motorcycle accident.

  1. Gloves

Admittedly, many people do not bother putting on gloves when riding their bikes. However, this can be a grave mistake. Your hands are an important part of your body, without which you would not be able to do most of the things that you take for granted.

It follows, therefore, that you need to make sure that they are fully protect in the event of an accident. The thing about motorcycle gloves, however, is that they need to take into account the complexities of the human hand.

They should, therefore, give you the protection that you need without becoming an impediment to your ability to manoeuvre along the streets while riding your motorcycle. The best motorcycle gloves are ones that fully cover your fingers, palm and wrists. They should also come with retension slips, enabling them to remain on your fingers even in the violence of a crash. Motorcycle gloves should also have sufficient grip to enable you to remain on your bike in rain and sunshine.

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