Types of motorcycles

Types of Motorcycles: Best Motorcycle for Beginners

For most people, the decision to buy a motorcycle is often accompanied by a lot of indecision.  Although these two wheelers are all around us, very few people are aware of the fact that motorcycles come in a number of configurations. Although choosing between them can be difficult, particularly for beginners, everything, at the end of the day, boils down to personal preference, cost and envisaged usage. So, what are some of the most common types of motorcycles that can be found out there?

Most Common Types of Motorcycles in the World

  • Standard
  • Sport
  • Cruiser
  • Touring
  • Port Touring
  1. Standard Motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles are, without doubt, the most common type of motorcycle that can be found out there. They are also the type of motorcycle that is most recommended for beginners. Standard motorcycles are sometimes referred to as roadsters and naked bikes. So, what defines a standard motorcycle?


Perhaps the most defining characteristic of a standard motorcycle is that bikers ride them in an upright sitting position. What this means is that their foot pegs are placed directly beneath the driver. The handlebars are also placed in a position that allows the rider to grip them without having to lean forward.


One of the reasons why standard motorcycles are so popular is that they also tend to be some of the cheapest. This is largely due to the fact that standard motorcycles are…well; “Standard.” They usually do not come with the trimmings that are common in other types of motorcycle, including windscreens. This does not mean, however, that you cannot add your own.

  1. Sport Bikes

Sport Bikes are another popular type of motorcycle. What makes them really great is that they are usually configured for speed, handling, braking and acceleration.  One of the many differences between Sport and Standard motorcycles is that the former have foot pegs that are placed a bit higher on the bike’s frame.

The handlebars on a Sport Bike is also longer reach, which means that you actually have to lean a bit forward while riding it down the road. The thing to remember is that performance comes at a (slight) cost in terms of fuel consumption. Not surprising, considering their high performance engines.

  1. Cruisers

This is, perhaps, the most popular type of motorcycle in the United States. They come in a distinctive shape, and give you a rather low riding position. One of the best know manufacturer of cruisers in the U.S is Harley Davidson.


Cruisers usually come with V-twin engines, which are configured for low-end torque. They, as their name suggests, are one of the best type of motorcycle for long distance cruising.

Riding position

The foot pegs on a cruiser are placed a bit forward on the bike. This means that you ride it with your fit a bit forward, and with your hands in a slightly up position.

  1. Touring

This is the type of motorcycle that you need if you are going to be riding your bike over long distances. Not only are their engines big, but touring motorcycles also come with windshields. This affords you the kind of protection that you need in any kind of weather.

Worried about having to find a filling station in the middle of nowhere while cruising along on some highway? Well, with a Touring motorcycle, you can rest assured knowing that the bikes come with fairly large fuel tanks.

Sitting position

Touring motorcycles have an upright sitting position, which makes them comfortable over long distances.

Luggage Space

Another defining characteristic of Touring Motorcycles is that they come standard with ample luggage storage space. What this means is that you can take along everything that you need in order to make your trip comfortable. Well… almost everything..,

  1. Sport Touring

Although Touring bikes are not really boring, Sport Touring motorcycles are designed to give them the kind of kick that is available in Sport bikes. They do not weigh as much as touring bikes, and have the better handling and performance that is typical of Sport bikes.

Riding Position

You do not, on a Sport Touring bike, have to lean as much forward as you would on a purely Sport Bike. This, really, is an attempt to get the best of both worlds, in terms of performance and comfort over long distances.

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