Why customer’s reviews matter

Why customer’s reviews matter

Have you ever wondered why customer reviews matter? All motorcycle-shipping companies need and want referrals and testimonials. Their business is driven by word of mouth and they are rated only on the success of their last shipment.

Motorcycle shipping companies promise a lot. In fact, their advertising on the Internet and on their web site paints a rosy picture on how efficient and careful their services are. They are all five star shippers, or so they say. But who is monitoring their performance? The answer is nobody. There is no national agency to which performance indicators must be reported. No Big Brother watching.

So do you have to trust what they are telling you? The answer is no. The more reputable companies display testimonials and referrals they have received from happy customers on their web sites. However, the most reputable companies are prepared to host all comments and testimonials (positive or negative) about their shipping services with third party rating agencies. That way, your comments about the shipping services the company provided are unedited and free to the public to review.

Comments are essential to both the motorcycle shipping company to gauge where to improve services and to the consumer to gauge which company provides honest reliable service. An example of a third party rating service is Shopper Approved.com. Check out the following rating link for AA Motorcycle Transport  http://www.shopperapproved.com/reviews/1aamotorcycles.com/.

The ratings say it all! They are the reason why customer reviews matter. They are there to reassure customers that we are the real deal. There are many platforms where you can have reviews. In this article, we focused on our Shopper Approved page.

Reviews can also be left on Yelp and your local business listing directories. There are many of these across the globe depending on where you live. So you wont have any problem finding a platform that works for you.

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  2. Just received my 09 Harley shipped from Florida to Massachusetts. It was uneventful, reasonable and on time !
    The guys were polite and professional, I will use you again without any hesitation.
    Thanks for a great transport !

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